.NET Active Directory Wrapper    
Access Active Directory From Your C# or VB .Net Code

.NET Active Directory Wrapper

The .Net Active Directory Wrapper is a solution developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2015/2017/2019 to expose and help ease the use and access of LDAP systems such as Microsoft Active Directory in .NET code. This is done by wrapping the functions and operations offered by Active Directory in an easy, friendly to use Active Directory object classes making coding against Active Directory much faster more manageable.

Business Need

Today, organizations are being unprecedently challenged with implementing and integrating new technologies in their environments. The complexities of those technologies are challenging at best and more often underestimated in cost and effort needed to implement.

.NET Active Directory Wrapper was built to bridge the gap between the custom world of .Net applications and the peripheral systems those applications need integrate with, such as LDAP Active Directory, making the development process focused more on the business and less on underlying low level, time consuming procedures, resulting in quicker production time for the developed application.



Usage Scenario

.Net Active Directory Wrapper Usage Scenario 


Who it is for

.Net Active Directory Wrapper was mainly developed for use by .Net developers in Visual Studio environment. Its purpose it to make the developer focused on business critical development and less about the technicalities of LDAP integration code.

Why use .NET AD Wrapper

Productivity - .Net Active Directory Wrapper is designed to make the developers more productive in their daily work. The wrapper provides a set of functions that are available for the developer to use using as little as one line of code to interface with Active Directory. The alternative would have been a low level coding using Directoryservices classes and repetitive LDAP syntax writing.

Simplicity - The wrapper tool is easy to install, initiate and start using in the .Net application. The wrapper objects could be browsed easily using an object browser such as the on in Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2015/2017/2019.

Structure - The wrapper tool was designed in a easy to understand, self explanatory structure that will make developers adopt it quickly. The use of the class throughout the .net application will maintain a consistent, easy to understand code during development.

Customization - The wrapper tool comes with full source code! That means developers can edit the classes by adding new methods, modifying behavior or even copying code for use else where in other applications. We offer what developers love.

Sample Implementation - The wrapper tool includes a binary DLL with source code. To demonstrate how it's used we added a sample Windows 32-bit application to the solutions that shows how all the various objects and functions should be used.