.NET Active Directory Wrapper    
Access Active Directory From Your C# or VB .Net Code

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Visual Studio does the Wrapper work with?

The wrapper will work with any Visual Studio including Visual Studio 2012 (latest).

What versions of Windows is the Wrapper compatible with?

Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

What versions of the .Net Framework does it work with?

.Net Framwork 1.1 - 4.5.

What langauge is wrapper written in?

The wrapper is written in C#. However, you can still use it within you VB.NET code by making a reference to it in your project. See How do I use the software and source code in my code?

How do I use the software and source code in my code?

You have a few options in how you can use the wrapper in your code:

  1. Reference the LDAPManager.dll in your Visual Studio project
    1. In your Visual Studio Project, right click on your project in the Solution Explorer pane.
    2. Click on Add Reference
    3. Select the Browse tab
    4. Browse to the Wrapper Plus code's bin directory and select LDAPManager.dll

      At this point you should be able to access the classes in the wrapper by typing in ADHelper. Where intellisense will detect all the available functions
  2. Add the LDAPManager project to your Visual Studio Solution
    1. In your Visual Studio Solution, right click on your Solution in the SOlution Explorer pane.
    2. Click on Add > Existing Project
    3. Browse to the project file of the Wrapper Plus (LdapManager.csproj)
    4. Click Open
    5. In your Solution Explorer, right click on the project you want to use the wrapper in.
    6. Click on Add Reference
    7. Select Project form the tab
    8. Select the LDAPManager project from the window
    9. Click OK

      At this point you should be able to access the classes in the wrapper by typing in ADHelper and intellisense should detect all the available function

Is there a trial download of Wrapper Plus?

There is no trial download for the Wrapper Plus version, however there is a free download for the Wrapper Lite, which is intended to demo some of the basic functionalities of the the Plus version. We recommend you download the free one to try to see how it works for you then downloading the Wrapper Plus.

What is exactly included in the Wrapper Plus download?

The wrapper plus that will download is a zip file that will contain 2 folders:

  1. ADHelper - The sample application the demonstrates how the wrapper is used.
    1. ADHelper.csproj - The project file for the sample application
  2. LDAPManager - The Wrapper itself
    1. LDAPGroup.cs
    2. LDAPManager.cs
    3. LDAPUser.cs
    4. LdapManager.csproj - The project file for the Wrapper Plus

Do you provide support on the Wrapper Plus?

We do provide email support on issues that we have seen before. We do encourage you to let us know of any issue you may encounter so we can improve upon the Wrapper in future versions.

What is the licensing for the Wrapper Plus?

The Wrapper Plus is licensed per application (Windows application or web application).

Is there a list of all the available features in the Wrapper?

You can find the list of all available features here