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Two triangles together

If the measures of the corresponding sides of two triangles are proportiona...
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Its exoteric meaning is merely two triangles joined together...
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It is still based on the equilateral triangle, symbolising equality - which...
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Figure 1 showing rectangle = two right triangles added together.
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Personal symbol logo, represents my name, Mauricio Martínez and the union o...
Personal symbol logo, represents my name, Mauricio Martínez

two isosceles triangles stuck together.
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Solving similar triangles.
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Triangles can be classified in two ways.
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My work so far
geometry - The coincidence orthocenters of the two triangles

Two black triangles connected together.
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5-6 Inequalities in Two Triangles.
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Triangle example.
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Element Triangles.
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Two triangles are congruent, if all the sides and all the angles of one are...
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AAA Similarity Criterion: If in two triangles, corresponding angles are equ...
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